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24 August 2008 @ 04:30 pm
She's alive!  
Geez, I've been reading a lot of crap lately. Anyway, I've summed things up in nutshells, so you'll be spared the same pain of reading my crap. These reviews span from January to about July, I think and I'm sure I've forgotten a good number too. So consistent, eh?

Don't Tempt Me—Sylvia Day
I confess. I like Day's stuff. She doesn't dress the sex up with flowery prose—it's downright dirty and sweaty. Granted, her writing is awkward in the attempt to be "English" and yet in essence very much "modern American", but who gives a damn anyway, all these romance authors know squat about the Regency era or what have you. The romance is romanticised, go figure that. The sad thing is in this novel I would rather see the secondary couple go to town more often (if you know what I mean...).
Verdict: 3.5/5—temptation abounds!

Thrill in the Knight—Julia Latham
Apart from wondering if this woman is in any way related to the fallen former Labour Party leader, I was very indifferent to this story; the premise had promise and it was wasted away by implausible misunderstandings and unimaginative settings. The only thrill to be had is when the book is ended. Seriously though, the title is a very bad attempt at a pun. Kids, don't try this at home. Maybe I'll give her other books a try but I'm not keeping my hopes up. I only read this in the first place 'cause I was having a Middle Ages fetish.
Verdict: 2.5/5—less thrills, more chills.

Dark Sentinel—Melissa Lopez
The Netherworld series is actually somewhat unique in the paranormal genre. A rather brutal treatment of the hero is quite unheard of within the land of Happily Ever After, so perhaps the feminist in me was mollified to see the man battered for once, by his own people no less, who are actually completely fucked up gang-banging sadomasochistic demons. There's an underlying violence and horror in Lopez's world that is both wondrous and frightening. I think I'm actually looking forward to reading more; am I screwed up or what?
Verdict: 3.5/5—not for the faint of heart!

Like a Thief in the Night—Bettie Sharpe
I've never denied that I'm a superficial person—I love beautiful, pretty things especially when I can't afford them, and the cover image of this novel was very pretty and the blurb seemed interesting enough (if they're not then, well, the copy-writer should be fired). Lots of hot, angry secks between two gorgeous, deadly assassins, well, what's not to love about that, eh? Crackfriggintastic. Very choppy ending though, must say. Still, Sharpe is an author I'm keeping a sharp eye out for. Apparently her anti-fairy tale interpretation of Cinderella is supposed to be fabulous.
Verdict: 4/5—fancrackin'tastic

Kiss of Midnight (Midnight Breed 1), Midnight Awakening (Midnight Breed 2), Midnight Rising (Midnight Breed 3), Kiss of Crimson (Midnight Breed 4) —Lara Adrian
Goodbye Ms Ward (for good), hello Lara! I have to say I was pretty damned impressed by this vampire series, and I think I'm rather difficult to impress in this particular genre; so many people seem to have implanted the naive idea in their heads that they can get away with producing utter rubbish just because their so-called novels have a drop-dead gorgeous, irresistible bloodsucker in it. Case in point, Twilight's successions. If only that were true. There's a great grittiness to Adrian's world that feels quite tangible and the tension between her protagonists in each novel is damned palpable to boot. Her narratives just get better each time; it's crack on crack. Favourite so far has to be Midnight Rising (Tegan's story). Definitely an author to look out for.
Verdict: 4/5 avg.—a gritty, realistic vision of the vampiric underworld with strong, (on the whole) likable heroines and the usual angst-ridden swashbucklingly irresistible heroes.

Tyger, Tyger Burning Bryght—Cathryn Cade
Some ideas just weren't meant to come to fruition, although the crack was fun but all too short-lived. And geebus, could book covers get any more BLATANT?
Verdict: 2/5—smokin' hot in many furry places, double entendres and all.

Only a Duke Will Do—Sabrina Jeffries
Only a puke will do. While Jeffries writes her love scenes with the finesse that has become expected of her, there is little else to recommend her dull narratives of late. For shame. All that tension for a crappy climax (in every sense of the word).
Verdict: 3/5—why do all her heroines make me want to crack my head open against a brickwall?

To Taste Temptation—Elizabeth Hoyt
I am relieved to say this was a better effort from Ms Hoyt. An irritating heroine with an equally irritating hero? Superhotsecks in unconventional places? I'm sold!
Verdict: 4/5—this is what I love about Hoyt, her stuff is full of delicious crap, and she revels in it.

Fearless Fourteen—Janet Evanovich
This woman seems to be getting better and better every time. It's NOT RIGHT! The plots just get more elaborate and hilarious, no matter how gruesome the crimes are. Evanovich has a knack for characterisation and slapstick humour in a sum of a few words. Highly recommend the audiobooks, narrated by actor, Lorelei King. I'm sorry, I know there's shitloads to snark about but I'm just too fangirly for it.
Verdict: 4/5

The Countess Takes a Lover—Bonnie Dee
Interesting take on the classic older-woman-younger-man concept; the prose is awful and, whaddaya know, the plot was just ridiculously funny.
Verdict: 2.5/5—I'd probably rent The Graduate DVD instead.

Oh yes, I have Breaking Dawn.
No, I have not read it.
Yes, I will.
No, don't ask me tomorrow.